Ahmad Nadimi was born in Babol, a northern city in Iran , in 1949. At the age of 12, guided by his love for music and art, he entered the Teheran Conservatoire of Music, where he studied music with Trumpet as his main instrument and graduated in 1969. During this time, he played with the Teheran Symphony Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, and the Radio Chamber Orchestra.

In 1971 Nadimi won a scholarship for advanced studies at the Versailles Conservatory of Music in France. There he studied Trumpet under maestro Roger Delmotte, recognized soloist, and the first Trumpet player of the Paris Opera. He continued his studies in music for 8 years during which he gained his diplomas. During his studies, he traveled to various countries including India, Nepal, and the African continent. He studied different musical cultures, and the relationship between music and man's internal quest.

Later, he began a deeper quest for the internal meaning of sound, melody, rhythm and there effects in our body (Chakras) and in our soul, which could create a healing and spiritual relationship with man.

Nadimi taught trumpet and music theory at two music schools in Paris, and experimented with Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary music by playing in various orchestras including the two bands he had established and composed music for. His works are mostly inspired by Divine love and nature, which for him contains a simplicity, purity and elegant beauty. Each piece expresses a relationship between man and nature as well as between the Creation and its Creator.

In 1989 Nadimi came to the United States to further his musical career. His performance credits in the U.S. include a benefit concert for Kurdish refugee during the Gulf war, and a creation of a new synthesis of New age and Eastern traditional music with maestro Mohamed Reza Lotfi, a well known Iranian traditional musician. This composition expressed the spirit of Eastern music in a new and refreshing format.

Following is a summary of Nadimi's concerts in U.S. :

Oct. 12, 1990 - “Music of Contemplation”, Tawes theater, University of Maryland at College park;

Feb. 5, 1991 - “Music of Contemplation“, Harris Theater, George Mason University;

May 5, 1991 - “Concert for Life - Benefit Concert for the Iraqi Kurds", Hoff Theater, University of Maryland at College Park;

July 25, 1992 - “Renaissance: a new synthesis of Eastern & Western music", Tawes Theater, University of Maryland at college Park;

Sept. 12, 1993 - “Innocents' Hope: Benefit Concert for People of Bosnia", George Washington University.

April 24, 1993 - “Voyage of the Wind", Hoff Theater, University of Maryland at College Park;

Oct. 6, 1995 - “Eternal Light”, Harris Theater , George Mason University.

June 26, 2007 - Performance for Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi's 800-year birthday commeration ceremony at the United Nations, New York City.

Nadimi spent many years exploring the interaction between art, music and spirituality, culminating in the production of his first CD "Suite for Peace" in 2005. He was drawn to continue his exploration with music, sound and vibration and its interaction with our bodies and its influence on our chakras. The importance of sound and vibration on our physical and spiritual being has been encompassed in his newly released meditation music CD for Chakra healing called "The Sound of Healing", which for him is an important contribution to humanity's well-being, health and quest to improve our Divine nature.