Here are descriptions of the two CDs that you can purchase online.

You don't need pills to find it. You need not climb mountains to discover it.
You don't have to pour over books to realize it.
You just have to switch it on.

How long has it been that you just relaxed with a CD?
A music that put you absolutely at peace, with you,
your world,your past, present, your future.

Music that healed wounds. That made you smile
at your neighbour.

Presenting Suite for Peace...
From Ahmad Nadimi, the definitive voice of new age music.

Four unforgettable movements and themes
based on peace, harmony, joy and contemplation.
For you and for the world. Listen, to your joyful spirit.

The "Sound of Healing" is created to help you travel into an inner journey of peace and self-discovery. Its purpose is to unlock and realign your Chakras, creating perfect harmony and balance in your mind, body and soul.

This Chakra meditation has been designed to transport your being to a higher plane to receive healing while your body is in a state of total relaxation. Each piece, each scale, corresponds to one of the seven Chakras, or energy centers, in the body. As the Chakras are purified and awaken to their full potential through meditation, you will experience vibrancy, healing, happiness and peace, ultimately merging into your true Divine nature.

The Chakra healing music, especially composed by Ahmad Nadimi, helps to balance our Chakra energy centers. The use of selected sounds resonates and vibrates to our specific Chakra centers, inspiring a feeling of peace, alignment and well-being.

Presenting The Sound of Healing, Chakra Meditation...
From Ahmad Nadimi, the definitive voice of healing music.

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