There are 2 CDs("Suite for Peace" and "The Sound of Healing") for purchase on this website and you can listen to samples of each CD by using the "Sound Clips" tool, so You can scroll through the songs of both CDs and you can decide which CD(s) you want to buy. Look for the CD's name betwen parenthesis next to the song's name to find out which songs belong to which CD.

"Suite for Peace" is a new composition of four classical and new age pieces intended to stimulate a sense of joy, peace, comtemplation and harmony among listeners, and to uplift the human spirit. It is the culmination of a life-long belief by composer Ahmad Nadimi that "we each and all sing an eternal song of peace."

Nadimi accompanied by the full Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, performs most of the 15 tracks of composition s on "Suite for Peace." The selections include innovative use of world instruments, and a variety of vocal accompaniments; vocals by Mezzo Soprano, Emiko Nadimi; a chant entitled Angelic Call for Peace by the Children's Chorus of Washington ; and a voice collage from children around world. The use of sound, melody, harmony and rhythm has been used to create balance and harmony in the mind, body and environment.

"This composition emerges as an offering to the blossoming of love and the truth of humanity," states Nadimi. "Inspired by nature, longing, and divine love, each piece carries a unique expression of beauty, which can manifest as harmony within, and out in the universe."

Each piece has a different mood, story and imaginative atmosphere. "Suite for Peace" includes compositions with themes of nature, new age, world instruments synthesizer and ethereal sounds, as well as full orchestral composition.

The piece titled "Suite for Peace" is an offering and a call for world peace. Excerpts of some of the prominent themes are available at the listening station to your left.

"The Sound of Healing" is a new release of nine healing music pieces intended to balance and harmonize our physical and spiritual being.

This Chakra meditation has been designed to transport your being to a higher plane to receive healing while your body is in a state of total relaxation. Each piece, each scale, corresponds to one of the 7 Chakras, or energy centers, in the body. As the Chakras are purified and awakened to their full potential through meditation, you will experience vibrancy, health, happiness and peace, ultimately merging into your true Divine Nature.