Your music takes me so deep. Deep within into the heart of hearts. Close to where what identify as myself ends and the universe begin.

Sami Parblo. Architect

Your music was vastly inspiring. I felt a deep inner smile spread across my mind as I felt the universal connection.

Pierre Pirault, Musician

This music is alive, inspiring, creative and uplifting.

Wanda Warren, School teacher

I play “Suite for Peace” for the patients. The music resonates with Peace and spirituality and brings calmness and changes the spiritual condition of the patient.

Dr. Sam Saba. Holistic doctor

Nadimi connects passion, beauty and spirit in his composition. Very powerful, very passionate at the same time it's inspirational and uplifting. “It's just music of extreme beauty”.

Mark P. Rubin
, Ballet structure and choreographer

Your music is a magic carpet that helps me the way to open my heart and embrace the whole world.

Michel Brown, Author

I have so been enjoying your CD. I listen to it quite frequently, while painting. It is very soothing, yet uplifting and moving.

Beautiful flowers, Artist

As I was listening to the music, I saw toucan birds, dolphins and more it seemed like I was swimming in a waterfall. I looked up and saw a rainbow I saw angels flying in the air I saw a mountain and begin to climb to the top; it fills as if I can fly into the sky. I saw a girl running into the rainforest and we played together and we were friends forever.

Lachrista Oliver
, (9 years old)

I have truly being blessed. The music is so peaceful until I play it everyday when I am in the prayer with God. It soothes my spirit and gets me in the place where I need to be when I am in the presence of god.

Wanda Randolph
, Pastor of women in crisis